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After help with astronomical bills

Long story short my father has been ill for quite a long time and now he's in hospital and I'm trying to help my mother with the bills. He's been a virgin media customer for a very long time, his virgin email ends in! yet for a very lon...

Resolved! Netflix Account Issues

Hi, i only yesterday got around to resetting my Mail password to discover several emails telling me about Netflix being added to my account and to "click here" to register. When i clicked, the link said there was a problem.Reading thru more emails, i...

DerekP by On our wavelength
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Credit file

I am trying to email regarding a default of £0 effecting my joint mortgage application. This is severely effecting my mental health and is making me poorly.I am emailing creditfileamendements but I keep getting bounce backs can someone PLEASE HELP.  

Speed upgrade offer 50% off by text message

Hi Got a text message today offering a speed upgrade at 50% off usual rate. I am interested in this but clicking on the Text link takes takes me to an "Oops something went wrong" webpage. Tried logging in via my pc and the offer is also on my homepag...

davjar by On our wavelength
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Disconnection and complaint

Not sure this is the right place to post but anyways this is mostly a rant as there seems not to be a way i can use the webform for a complaint and do not have the time to write a letter. I have been disconnected on the day after I requested to cance...

u40as7 by Tuning in
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Four Contracts in One Day

On March 24th, 2024, I applied for a Pre-Contract deal online with Virgin media. The pun "Looking forward to 2025" seemed like an excellent offer, and I expected nothing less than a smooth and prompt process. However, three weeks after submitting my ...