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New contract not implemented

Hi, I agreed a new contract with outbound retentions on 9th March 2024. Today 9th April my services have been disconnected. I called VM to ask why this has happened and was told that the new contract i had agreed with outbound had not been pushed thr...

rickd121 by Joining in
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Call not recorded

I tried to cancel my contract with Virgin in feb. Was offered a very good deal to stay so accepted. Changes made were different to what was agreed on call but apparently the call was not recorded. Anyone else have this issue? 

Kazlou27 by Joining in
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Netflix activation via new improved contract

One of the VM salesforce cold called to offer me a new package back in mid January.  This is a frequent occurence and I usually decline.  However, we were about to move out of our property for 9 months whilst carrying out building works and therefore...

Jamie_R by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Ombudsman ADR Timescales

I've been a customer with VM for years and never had an issue, however as my current contact came to its end I followed the VM emails to select a new package.On the 13th February I was offered an amazing deal and accepted the offer to stay with VM fo...

Account offers returning error

Hello everyone, basically I've been having emails with offers to renew my contract for about three months, whenever I click said offer It always returns a "oops something went wrong" If I try It via my account and click offers, same thing "oops somet...

Restricted services

Virgin have restricted my services out of hours, claiming I am overdue a payment. All bills up to now are fully paid. My next bill payment date isn’t until April 15th and I have more than enough in the bank to facilitate payment for this month.I work...

Sxmeday by Joining in
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