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Moving Home and chat bot doesn't work

I've been trying to sort out my Virgin Media package to move to a new property in July.If you click on the "let's chat button" and select "I'm moving home" you just get a check bot variable message and then it closes the conversation.  If you go thro...

TomCave by Joining in
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Online package upgrade not going through

Hi,I agreed to an upgrade offered through my online account - extra cost to go from M350 to Gig1, same TV package other than moving from V6 to 360, new 18 month contract. Got the pre-contract documents by email, then agreed to those online, with a fu...

Name0101 by Joining in
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Sky movies UHD missing from new contract

Hi allI recently signed up for another 18 months with my contract coming up to expiry.I was told on the call that everything I previously had (including sky movies UHD) would be added along with a newly included service of sky sports UHD. This was ag...

Blakieboy7 by On our wavelength
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Virgin cancellation

Hello,I have never found support on the phone to be good at all when it comes to virgin, but the help on forums is always outstanding. Could I please have some help cancelling my services as I am now moving back home with my parents after university....

rhysdb by Joining in
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Gap between moving house

Hello,I will be moving house shortly and would like to keep my VM sub and Volt package. The contract has recently expired so I will be renewing with a new contract. I will be moving in with a friend for a period of 4-6 weeks and won't be using the se...

podgorny by On our wavelength
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identity fraud

Hi,Is there anyway I can contact fraud team directly to speed up the process?Today on 20/04/2023 there are 2 direct debit setup on my account one is virgin mobile £25 and other is virgin media £52. I called virgin and they did not help then i started...

Arjumand by Tuning in
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Resolved! Pre contract not activated

i was nearing the end of my contract and put in a cancellation request. After chats with the various teams there seemed to be no decent offers available.i decided to look in the offers and upgrade section and to see what was available. I was then off...

Tjones by Tuning in
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