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How do I get it across that I do not need the Paper Bill? I have been charged £1.75 for the past 6 months approx for a paper bill. My preferences are updated on my account. I have spoken to customer service representatives and even raised a complaint...

Unable to downgrade packages? Why?

Trying to keep this as simple as possible. I currently have a package £80 a month (out of contract), I get M350, basic TV and telephone.I don’t use the TV and want to remove both it and the telephone from the package.I noticed Virgin are selling a br...

Bill query

I started a new contract on 26 June however I have received an email today with my old contract payment - please can you look into this for me? Thanks 

Resolved! Cancellation Period & Landline Charges

Hi All2 questions that I hope someone can help with.1. Is there a standard cancellation period?2. I don't have a landline phone (physically) and haven't had one in years, but still have to pay a landline charge. Is there an option/way around this?Tha...

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