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MyVM online account registration (multiple issues)

Hi, We have recently made some changes in the background for MyVM online account and unfortunately this is causing problems for some customers who are trying to register a new account with us. Due to the increased number of issues and different error...

ModTeam by Moderator
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Cancelling within 14 day cool off period.

Hi there, My 86 year old dad had a Virgin sales person turn up on his doorstep and despite already having broadband with another company, ended up being convinced to sign up to Virgin broadband. I can only say that whoever the salesperson was, they s...

Memomum by Joining in
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Re: Virgin Media not honouring deal

Hi I have the exact same issue been on the phone for 6hours. Me and partner have been hung up on 2x. We rang virgin on the 4th Jan to see if we could get a new deal because our contract was coming to an end and was going to go upto £147. We spoke to ...

Lukesco1 by Joining in
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contact number

does anyone happen to have the number you can call that "DOESN'T" give you an Indian call centre, but lets you to spoke to someone in the UK? TIA

colshyr by Tuning in
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Breach of terms of contract

Last week I was chatting with a VM agent asking about cost of adding sky sports to my current package and without my request or consent that was added to my account and the agent left the chat. Next day I complained and another agent confirmed it was...

Cancel contract

Just had a bad experience with virgin staff trying to cancel my broadband contract. In short they refused to end my contract. I have submitted a formal complaint to OFCOM and cancelled my standing order. In process of using review sites to advise oth...

Jcardow by Joining in
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Resolved! Wrong package & billing

Please can someone help me. I have a open complaint with Virgin Media.I informed Virgin media i Was moving and it was agreed I could start a new contract at the new address rather than cancel all services. I signed up for the Good Friday deal of £29....

G22 by Joining in
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Has my order gone through?

Doing a Volt upgrade package. Read all docs, clicked the box accepting t and c's, clicked the place order button, didn't take me to another screen.  I have been sent some order documents, but nothing else,but usually you get an email about your chang...

mwats by Joining in
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Free Netflix

Hi have been given a free Netflix subscription with our upgrade nearly 3 weeks ago. I tried to sign in on the app but it wants me to take out a subscription & bill me. I haven’t received anything from Virgin Media to be able to access it. Any advice ...