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Renewing my contract

Hi all, i have received an email saying my contract expired on the 13th August 2023 but if i renew it with the link then my package will stay the same but with a 25% discount (screenshot attached). Clicking the link just gives me a page saying Oops! ...

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Virgin Media

Cannot log into my Virgin Media account. Tried the usual , password reset etc ( email never appeared). I was looking at moving to Sky where I can get a better package.has anyone else experienced this ?Thanks in advance 

ttt3 by On our wavelength
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upgrade to volt

Hi all. I was having wifi issues in 2 of the rooms in my home. I was on the M250 BB package. After speaking to someone on chat yesterday, my options were 1) pay £8/month for wifi pods, or 2) upgrade to Volt, have my BB speed upgraded to the next leve...

Resolved! Customer for 30 years, New contract not processed.

My contract ran out in June 23.  I was sent an email offering a new contract for £66 starting August 2023 for £18mths.I have the paperwork saved online.   I received a letter through the post saying the August payment would be £94 fair enough.   Just...

CarolH by Tuning in
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grounds for contract termination?

Since March my monthly bill has been incorrect & I've had to contact VM to sort it each month.I'm fed up with this now.Is this enough reason to terminate the contract without penalty?contract runs through august 2024.any advice welcome

robin98 by Joining in
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Missold Package

So, I've been out of contract with Virgin Media now since 2017 but a couple of weeks ago, I got an enticing offer to put myself back under contract with 25% off. Seemed like a good idea so I went for it. Bill down from around £147 to about £110. Stil...

MarkJH by On our wavelength
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Complaints procedure

I am disgusted by the way Virgin Media contact centre staff treat customers who phone in with an issue. I have 3 complaints ongoing regarding wrong charges, wrong renewal of contract, broadband issues even though I had a technician visit my house to ...

Submitted order with wrong email

Hi,Completely my fault but we submitted an order for broadband and got it confirmed but the email that was inputted was incorrect, we'd like to amend it but we have no way of doing this, all we have is an order reference and a secret passphrase and o...

Wallcop by Joining in
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