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unable to login into VirginMedia website on PC

Since 7pm on 1 Aug I have been unable to sign into my mail box. I can get into Billing etc but not emails. The app is working fine on my mobile but I want to use my mailbox on my PC. When I go to Sign In on the Home Page as I usually do it just hangs...

wj1592 by Joining in
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Resolved! Appalling Treatment & Lack of Customer Service

Hi,Re the above,I’ve been a returning VM customer for a while and was on a contract until recently.I was drawn to it as I was called directly after browsing initially on the website where I was weighing up whether or not to leave my (then) provider.W...

JLWP by Joining in
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Renew contract email

My contract ended 4th August so I returned to my full price of £62 per month. Today I recieved and email from virgin; all seems legit, offering me a 25% discount for 18 months on my current package. Offer is valid today only apparently... when I go t...

Doveyk24 by Joining in
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Resolved! Missing/Broken Omni box cover

Location: What3Words - /// Brown plastic home connection box is located against the building on the main street right by the bus stop. Description: House connection box cover ripped off and missing.   MOD EDIT: Created in new thread...

Glen7 by Joining in
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Broadband is expensive

I have had 250mb for five month I never got no cheap price on TV £16 then £31 mine has been £49 since day I got it.Altogether my bill is £105.00 a mth Hu mad

Jonc11 by Joining in
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Virgin Media Activation

Hi there.I have Netflix Standard as a part of my ultimate package with Virgin Media. I have been trying to activate it via my virign media through the entertainment services but it's not working and shows up with this error message.Could someone help...


Netflix nightmare - please help

As with many people I've read in the forums I am also having issues with my Netflix account when going via my Virgin box, some locked Spanish account shows up.I've been back and forth between Virgin and Neflix for months and nothing has been resolved...

Rposaner by Joining in
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My contract is messed up

Hi, my contract has got messed up and whenever I try and fix it (telecon or WhatsApp) it just gets worse. Very long story short: My 18 month contract was due to end 13/8/23. I agreed on the 12/7/23 to remove the TV (2xV6 boxes) and go to 50Mbps BB on...

timmie by On our wavelength
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