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Broadband upgrade order missing.

Hi,On the 25th August I placed an order to upgrade my broadband speed on a special off but have received no information and I cannot see the order on the VM site.  I have the 2 precontract docments for the order.Would welcome some help with this if p...

Missold cable - added o2

Today I tried to renew my Virgin contract.Currently its £56 for TV/Internet and Phone , renewal says it will go up to £89 in a few weeks time.Rang Virgin and spoke to a lady abroad , she was very difficult to understand due to her accent and speed sh...

ajscent by Joining in
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Products not received

I cancelled my account with virgin media because I was moving to a new house, and because of that I had to send the products back via mail, but I just got a text message telling me that they didn't receive the products back yet. I used yodel to send ...

Joe14 by Joining in
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I am being charged for Netflix I do not have a Netflix account I don't watch Netflix. I have had this issue now since I received a new 360 remote Virgin Media continually charge me. I call them every month they promise it has been resolved give me a ...

Mojo52 by Joining in
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Email address on account

So i have been trying to get on to my account for ages online so we can see all out stuff ect..I called up the other day to get help and they wouldnt tell me my email address on the account but was super fine with taking my money for a wifi pod, they...

odeejay by Tuning in
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Fuming over late payment charge

I have just received my bill and I am fuming. Not only have I been bombarded with sales calls which I have told them to take me off the list and email if they must, but now I have been whacked on a £7.50 late payment charge. This seems to have come a...

Bendos70 by Tuning in
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Hello VirginI am living. moving to new address where you are not delivering service.I have answered all questions to your BOT and now waiting until some member of your staff will be able speak to me. BOT said you ppl are busy. of course, more busy th...

Received HUB 5 x 2

I have recently had not 1 but 2 HUB 5 delivered! Could someone tell me how to send one of them back please. There isn’t any help in the community posts that I can see. Many thanks