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After 25 years, time to leave?

So have been a member of Virgin (NTL/Nynex) for over 25 years.Currently on a discount 18 month contract (same as new customers get) which expires next month, and price going up from £108 to £155. After speaking to retensions, they are still only offe...

lemarsh by Joining in
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Can't verify my email address

Hi there,Every time I try and verify my email address to set up my account it tells me the link has expired. I've spent hours on the phone on hold this evening just to be told to try asking the system to send a new verification link - which is absolu...

Vic1630 by Joining in
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Wrongly Charged

I have been following up for last two months after moving house for adjusting bills...Everytime I was told its settled and next month virgin media charged me higher...once i asked for refund they said it was not settled though i was told...Same thing...

Toufiq by Tuning in
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Damaged Wall near street equiment

Street furniture  location outside 65/66 quarry hill road tonbridge Kent tn9 2pe   The retaining wall behind the box is collapsing and it all needs to be removed and foundation re done. I need to speak to someone about this and see if it is needed o...

Riccop by Joining in
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Hello, Why is it that there are lot of miscommunications while trying to find support with virgin media.? On the 2nd of August, I reached out to customer support regarding my contract because I know my contract ends in September. He told me that beca...

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missing payment

I have been told that payment for June 23 is missing when in May I made 2 payments. When I contacted the so called customer services, they said they could not find my payment made on the 26th May even though I have email confirmation and bank stateme...

BTS67 by Joining in
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Resolved! Considering leaving

Received a new bill home up by 13 pound without being told again. I will definitely be leaving it’s getting to be a bit of a joke they just throw prices up when it’s suits it’s a joke 

Netflix not requested

I’ve been having Netflix added to my account each month since February when I’ve never requested it. I’ve lost count of how many hours I’ve spent chasing customer services and making official complaints every month just to get refunded the £15.99. An...

total_uk by Tuning in
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Contract renewal nightmare

My virgin media contract expires on 22/9 and I already spent more than 5 hours on the phone trying to sort it out. First off the contract price had almost doubled to I call to see what else is possible. I’m offered a contract at my old price and sent...

Annamk57 by Joining in
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