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Resolved! Can't view bills online

For 4 or 5 days now I have been unable to view my bills online.  When I try to, the page shows the following message."Oops! You’ve caught us hard at work.We’re sorry this part of the site isn't available at the moment, everything will be back to norm...

dss1tv by Tuning in
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Virgin wants to fleece me.

Just wanted to find out how have you dealt with Virgin when your contract is up? My contract run out. It was £40 per month and now it's going to £62. Called up Virgin customer service and the best they can give me is £49 for the same m500 service.. L...

Account Suspended

I had my account suspended out of the blue yesterday afternoon. My account information stated this was for none payment but upon checking my account and bank account I am up to date, as all direct debits have been taken. I have now spoke to three dif...

Meltron by Joining in
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Cancelling contract

My partner tried calling Virgin  to cancel our contract the virgin agent couldn’t get through to the cancellation dept promising to call back no call back and we found out without our consent they had increased our monthly payment  just a delaying ta...

Moved House - New Contract?

I'm sending this message after a call that lasted for 1 hour and 32 minutes earlier today and got me nowhere.I renewed with Virgin in December '22 for 18 months and then moved house in April '23. Imagine my surprise today when I saw my upcoming bill ...

Screenshot 2024-04-24 172728.png

Account in Default

Hello,I moved houses last year and VM wasn't available in the new area. From July until October they kept billing me because the Movers Team missed the email I had sent with my new contract. They admitted to the fault on the phone, removed the charge...

dmp0757 by Joining in
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Billing Query

Hi I need to speak to someone at VM about a billing query and had no luck with the WhatsApp messinging service.My account says my bill will increase to £39.16 as of 11th April, however my current bill due is £50.04 - can someone please explain the di...