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Strange Billing

I am hoping a virgin admin, will be able to look into my account and explain the strange billing on my contract, i spent 5 + hours on the phone yesterday receiving different answers from all agents  

italanp by Tuning in
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Account not accessible

For months I have not been able access my account. When I try to sign up online no welcome email is received and no it's not in spam. Whenever I try any contact route I'm told my account does not exist. I want to access my account to renew my service...

rikna1 by On our wavelength
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Constant failure to cancel subscription

I moved out of a rental property and ever since Virgin are making it impossible to cancel, constantly being asked to keep on hold forever…looking at the forums I’m certainly not the only one, honestly I would have stayed with Virgin if my new propert...

Oatmilk by Joining in
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HelloI sent a notice of cancellation letter to Virgin by Signed For Royal Mail delivery which you received on 2nd Sept 2023.I have not had had a response nor any change to my account.  The next bill is due imminently and payment by DD later this mont...