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Changing Direct Debit (Already Paid Bill)

Hello,I wanted to change my direct debit date and bank details. I was able to change the date, however when I tried to change the bank details it said that I must pay my existing bill before I can do this. Upon doing this, I received an email confirm...

HarishB by Joining in
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Unable to activate

Hi I changed package over last month to now include Netflix and at the time I got the activation email I had a lot of personal stuff going on at home and completely forgot to activate it. I have now tried to activate it and every time I go to click t...

Contract renewal (or cancellation)?

Hello,I am coming to the end of my current contract and resolved to either negotiate a new contract or cancel VM services.When I called to cancel ,an agent in retentions tried to find a better deal but was unable to do so and  I was passed onto disco...

Metroman by Joining in
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Area codes

We have had Virgin for our broadband service since March but never had a bill, so we don't have an area code so we can set up an on-line account. Our post code is E1W 1AD - Wapping in London. Does anyone know what the 2 digit code will be?

SWMBO by Joining in
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Router issue

HiMy router light has turned orange after the internet was down in my area for a day.  Its back up now but the wifi is not that good, its very slow  I have 250MB  Thanks 

Duplicate payment

Hello, I received a bill to pay for the amount of 51.48.The description said it was for the current month and one month late. Going to the virgin website, I received a message that the bill for August had not been paid "We didn't receive a payment fo...

VictorRF by Joining in
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Need to get into contact with a human being

During March 2023, I spoke with Virgin Media to decrease my monthly bill. We agreed on a price.I have noticed, since then, I have actually been paying more than what was agreed and is on the contract. Also, the amount I am paying is also going up fur...

No account number or area code

Hi everyone,I signed up to virgin media last night and added my address. The address of my place is a range of two numbers e.g 34-36 X Road, London. I was not able to select or insert my specific flat number. After signing the contract I received a c...