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Moving home

Moved house and contract was being moved to new house.  This was not done and after 3 complaints and at least 10 phone calls they have not resolved this.  Each call is an hour and all they say is a manager must apply the credit which has not been don...

Jconlon by Joining in
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Understanding the agents on the phone?!

If there's one thing that virgin need to fix, is that, and this is in no way me being offensive. Is that I just can't understand the agents on the phone!! I just got an speed upgrade and was doing it via WhatsApp them they called, which I don't have ...

Danloki by Tuning in
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Resolved! Change contact number

Hello,I need to change my contact number in my account. I have tried to do this myself, it says it's been updated, but when refreshing, it's still some number that I have never used!Can you assist? Thanks.

SammiBabe by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Renewal issues

My discounted Volt package was coming to an end and I received an email offering me a good renewal price which I accepted.I have the confirmation emails and documents etc but have recently received an email saying my bill is going to be double what I...

Virgin account issue

hi all, took 6 months for installation and I cancelled cause I was not happy, long story short I was contacted to reopen but instead was given a new account number. installation finally completed however I don’t want the new account number id like to...

mdikoo by Joining in
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Incorrectly charged for Netflix

I totally agree, I find it really interesting that others have also been incorrectly charged. My complaint has been ongoing since Dec 23. The complaints department are either very understandable and provide apologies and credit and promise the charge...

Max_77 by Joining in
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Misleading Renewal Offer and Unfair Charges

Hello Virgin Media Community,I want to share my recent frustrating experience with Virgin Media.I received an email from Virgin Media stating that I could renew my contract for £24 per month. Trusting this information, I renewed my contract on 6 May ...

fkeko by Joining in
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Need my bill receipt’s

Hello I’m trying to get copy’s of my bill as on my account there are missing. I have phone customer service but no joy just was getting passed on by each member no one could help me was on the phone for about 2 hours this was a joke yes 2 hours. I ne...

Constant complete your profile page

Everytime I try to go into my account settings on this website I get the constant loop of “hooray your verified your email “ I have updated my account details more than 2 dozen times and then I get another email about my e-billing. Then I go back int...