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Sending bills to wrong physical address

Moved across the country in January '23, including moving my VM internet from the old house to the new (which went really well), but despite this, and further engagement through the website chat and phone support teams, paper bills are still being se...

Resolved! End of contract notification

Hello,As per the details on my contract detailed in my account, I will receive an end of contract notification 10 to 40 days before the end of contract date. The end of my contract is approaching and I have not received a letter or an email notificat...

roger121 by Tuning in
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NETFLIX link aargghh!

So had this working for the last 18 months no problem , renegotiated my contract 2nd Oct and received a email from Netflix stating my subscription was cancelled with virgin media and they charged me £16.99 , spoke to VM and they credited it back to m...

nicklb1 by Tuning in
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Discount gone

My £3.50 discount has disappeared on this months bill,  My bill  was £37.50 previously and now appears as £41.00.Remember when we got a credit for staying with them .

wane by Joining in
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Resolved! Huge disconnection charge fee

I am moving home in 2 weeks and I have 15 month left on my contract.I am moving to an address where Virgin Media cannot supply their services.I have phoned them to let them know, and was told that they want approx £960 disconnection chargeI am stunne...

stu55 by Tuning in
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Block Netflix App on V6

Is anyone able to advise how I block the Netflix app on my V6 box?When I go to Parental Controls > Lock Apps & Games I only see 3 Apps listed:- Pluto TV, YouTube & YouTube KidsI don't see an option to add any other apps.I need to do this as someone i...

My bill is wrong, please help.

Hi, I have been paying £56.25 for my internet connection & last month I received an offer saying 'we can reduce your bill by £3 to £53.25 if sign for another 18 months'When I loggin my November bill is showing as:Your package 29 nov-28 dec: £63.25Pac...

Maha by Tuning in
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Resolved! Difficulty accessing new contract details

This morning I rang Virgin media retentions and arranged a new contract. However Virgin have since sent a text to my mobile phone  with a link to amend my direct debit details, and another asking me to comment on my experience.However I only have a v...