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Area Reference Code

I'm trying to set up an online account and it's asking me for Area Reference.  I don't have any bills or the welcome pack and can't see to look it up.  How do I find out the area reference code for KT2 5HH?

Its_Me by Joining in
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Joined in february and still waiting for my contract account number etc. so after numerous calls webchats etc being told they will send it via email or post im still unable to check my bills etc. somebody please advise as im losing the will to live w...

Black Friday deal problem

I'd been weighing up a personalised Black Friday deal I'd been given to add TNT Sports for a special price, which I could only see by signing in to my account.  I rang today and discussed this and was told the deal could not be be honoured because I ...

I'm now homeless and need to cancel

Hi there, I've been evicted by my landlord (a Section 21 no-fault eviction), and had to move out. I'm now homeless, and am sofa-surfing with friends and relatives. I contacted Virgin Media on Twitter, and they said waiving the early disconnection fee...

Being chased for hardware return

Hi I returned my old router after an upgrade over a week ago.After going quiet the messages from you threatening charges etc have ramped up.Please can you log that the old router has been returned as your messages cause a significant amount of stress...

Change from paper to ebilling

I need to make a change to my parents account to move them from paper to eBilling, however all the instructions i can find in this forum and on direct you to a page that doesn't exist, that is MyProfile. There are lots of forum posts ...

martynh99 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! wifi max pod

hi.will i get confirmation of goods received?i have returned my old router and wifi pod and received a new plan still shows that i have a pod.I dont need a wifi pod but dont want to be charged for one that i already sent back.have got recei...

Saab by Joining in
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I need a way to complain before i lose it

Couldn't find an actual place to put this but this situation is affecting my mental health and I'm so close to breaking down.So I was with virgin about 10 years, recently their prices were getting insanely high and I struggle talking to people becaus...

Balf338 by Joining in
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