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MyVM online account registration (multiple issues)

Hi, We have recently made some changes in the background for MyVM online account and unfortunately this is causing problems for some customers who are trying to register a new account with us. Due to the increased number of issues and different error...

ModTeam by Moderator
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Broadband not activating

I installed my new broadband August 30th (after numerous issues ordering in the first place) with the Quick Start kit, the connection is all set up and working, including a Stream box. However, my account is not registering that the wifi has been act...

tspivey by Joining in
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Resolved! Change in contract and price rise

Hi,Need some help please. I'll come to the price rise in a moment. Firstly, I would like to know if I can leave my virgin contract not because of the increase but due to the change Virgin are making to the contracts. From 2024 they are adopting the R...

BBwill by Tuning in
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Re: No Welcome Email

Hi, I'm also trying to register for a my virgin media account but have also not yet received my welcome email. Please can you help? I have tried the live chat multiple times and they were unable to help. 

CBM1 by Joining in
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No welcome email

I recently joined virgin media Sunday the 16th of September and I've received my pre contract email but no welcome email and I need that email to be able to make a virgin account as it has my account number on it. Any help would be appreciated..

Resolved! Cost of my package

I keep seeing VM dangling carrots to entice folk to join them at prices much lower than the amount I'm paying.I've been with VM, and it's predecessors since the guys dug the street up to lay b/band cabling which from what I can establish is 26 years....

No TV services for 1 week

I am now on day 7 of no TV services. I had a disconnection due to late payment last money, full bill paid, reconnection fee paid. New contract set up and new TV box sent out. No access to any channels, it asks me to subscribe to these channels. Engin...

Virgin not honouring contract price

My contract was up at the end of September , so I changed my package to 250 meg broadband , tv (inc TNT Sports) & weekend calls for £82 (£133 before discount). I did this at the start of the month and now I’ve been sent another contract with a higher...

Andiowen by Joining in
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