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MyVM online account registration (multiple issues)

Hi, We have recently made some changes in the background for MyVM online account and unfortunately this is causing problems for some customers who are trying to register a new account with us. Due to the increased number of issues and different error...

ModTeam by Moderator
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Contact number

Hello, I have the issue that when trying to change my contact number and when press Save, it says "Sorry the changes you made were not saved, please try again" Please can I get this resolved.

Hsmit04 by Joining in
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Idiot driver!

Absolutely appalling driving by one of your drivers in Coatbridge this afternoon! First time he cut right, in front of traffic after sitting in a left hand only lane then further along the road sat in a lane to go straight on and turned left into tra...

ashmck88 by Joining in
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Cancel contract, moving home

I'm at my wits end! My contract ends 27th July. My tenancy ended on 7th July, due to landlord selling.  My parents live in Cumbria, where I'm having to move to. Virgin don't cover the area so I have no other option but to cancel. I logged into my acc...

AbsJ by Joining in
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Billing help, at the end of my rope

Honestly sick and tired of this now.  Bills for the past two months have been wrong, I've been on WhatsApp on numerous occasions and noone seems to be able to sort it. I'm about ready to cancel my service completely because as far as I'm concerned, v...

Impossible to cancel TV package

I am trying, without success, to cancel my Virgin TV package -  I don't watch TV and have cancelled my TV license.I would like to retain my M350 Broadband service which is excellent.Very difficult to get through to the call centre, when I have I have...

Resolved! Live Chat

When will live chat be working on the main site? Clicking it does nothing.