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Old Bill Dispute

Hello,I have been looking through my credit file, and I noticed avantis credit have put a default on my account, I believe this is because I moved house in 2019 and to a different town it was regarding the router, I remember someone calling me saying...

ro2023 by Joining in
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Incorrect Charge

I've just received my bill to find an additional charge for £6.99 for an On demand additional feature (18), however, l don’t recall ordering anything.Does anyone have any idea how I can receive detailed information of purchase?Many thanks 

ET101 by Joining in
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Vigin Media & O2 one login

I received this email about a "more seamless sign in experience" however have tried to do this & it is stuck on the screenshot below ..Very predictable , Virgin & Seamless are not two words I would normally use in the same sentence...

Screenshot 2023-12-17 at 17.52.31.png
Pidge22 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Unable to change my account contact number

I think this is a common problem in that the number I have under Account Details is one I have not used for 10 years (it ends 079). Despite my telling VM previously at least twice this was wrong it has not been changed. Today broadband went down and ...

Nightmare billing and complaints service

I can't believe how rubbish VM complaints are at resolving issues. Well I suppose I can based on the low levels of customer service ability. As you may have seen on recent posts I tried to get my services reinstalled after our cable was cut. This end...

Rehmana by Tuning in
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Tv restricted

My virgin tv amd broadband services have beem restricted 2 times before the due date and again today on the due date. Virgin are meant to have restored my services but my tv is still restricted. Cannot even use the tv go app. All advisors keep saying...

Jaked94 by Joining in
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