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Netflix cancelled

Hello,Had Netflix working on my account, get it as part of my package, then received an email to say Netflix have cancelled due to virgin not paying.I've tried restarting, but keep getting a message that there is no valid offer. Read that this has ha...

JJimmyJ by Joining in
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No paperwork received

I signed up for broadband and TV last week but I still haven't received any emails with the contract or account details. I received a text saying "Hi there. The email address we have for you no longer exists.Sign in or register at

Asked to return equipment I don't have

We have just cancelled our VM contract, and received the email requesting the return of equipment. It lists 5 items, including TWO Arris Hub 3 broadband routers. We have 4 of the requested items, including one but not two Arris hub 3 routers.  We nev...

jodiet1 by Joining in
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HelloI want to switch to e-billing but it seems that since Virgin Media changed to this new-style interface, the instructions to switch to e-billing are now out of date and no longer valid. I have followed all of the help and instructions available. ...

How do I unlink my VM from Netflix

I have Netflix as part of my package and pay £5 to upgrade this to the 4K premium version. I want to unlink this from the Netflix account it's associated with but on the VM site it says to log into the Netflix account to update payment details howeve...

BobbyNog by Tuning in
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Return of Hub3

Why am I getting messages, which you cannot reply to, asking me to return old equipment when I already have.  A photo of my receipt attached. 

mel51 by Joining in
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Resolved! Canceled but not canceled

Cancelled my account in September and am being chased for payment of November and Decembers bill. Log in today to my virgin media to find you issued me with a new contract in October (after the expiry of my previous contract and without my knowledge)...

KAllan22 by Joining in
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