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Useless and Rude

Your company has messed up a few times now and I'm a little more than frustrated with it.I only joined in November for the Fibre Broadband and TV package.Firstly, I did not like how I was rudely addressed by one of the Indian people on the phone earl...


I would like to change my package and I keep getting call from virgin media to assist me.In every phone cal I receive I’ve been advised to take up O2 sim so that I can add sky sports and remove sky contract expires in it better to w...

Rj4 by Tuning in
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Netflix account creation

Hoping for some help, as part of my new package I had Netflix included, it turns out for the last 6 months I’ve still been paying for my old Netflix account.  I’ve now cancelled the separate account I paid for , but I can’t now create the virgin medi...

Netflix Activation link not sent

Same boat here. Contract started 13th December after a house move as previous contract was "ended" in November but a delay on the install meant I had to pay Netflix one month. No activation links sent or anything on the my account page so on the 25th...

Netflix Activation link

Hi, I am a new customer to virgin TV and I must say I am receiving some very poor customer service. within my package I have Netflix included however no one from virgin has sent me an activation link I have chased this 4 times now, and all I get is "...

Constant postponing of install date

Hi,I moved into my new place on the 16th Dec and went through the VM website the same day to install a new broadband. It said it was booked for the 29th Dec, however I get a call a couple days before the 29th Dec saying that their servers were down a...

ZSmith8 by Joining in
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Billed when I have left

Left Virginmedia broadband on the 7th November , you have billed me for M250 broadband for January which I do not think I owe. Having paid Novembers and Decembers altered bills.Please sort this out.

Ace by On our wavelength
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cancel netflix

Hi When I decided to renew Netflix unbeknown to me it defaulted to go on my VM account, I want to cancel Netflix on VM and pay for it on my credit card as I used to do.What is the procedure for this please?ThanksPaul

paulpmj by Tuning in
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Hi I was wondering about a bill

Hi there I just joined virgin media on October and paid Octobers bill and a bill on November I missed Decembers bill and was restricted it usually comes straight out my bank account,so couldn’t get through to anyone to discuss the issue I paid the £5...