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Red light on hub since September

The red light on hub is on all the time, since September. I rebooted the hub and it is still the same, no issues were found when tested. It is not in sunlight, when I use whatsApp calls shows the message Poor signal, even if I'm close to the hub. Is ...


Hi I should have a complaint open was chatting with beth_g vm staff but message have gone cold it related to compensation on my acc due to long winded Internet issues.Can anyone help please 

Resolved! Negotiating with Retentions (UK).

I'm expecting that Virgin will be increasing their prices in 2/3 months, as they usually do.If I'm correct, I will then be able to cancel my account with them, giving a months notice. This is something I will be doing for the first time since I've be...

Equipment return

I've recently cancelled, and already have the returns packaging.  An email I received asked me to return two routers, specifying the serial numbers for both.  One is the Hub 5 - fair enough.  The other one must be the Hub 2 since that's the only othe...

Resolved! Package renewal issue

My package was about to expire a couple of months ago, so I renewed for another 18 months.   But I still getting emails saying "Your Package has Expired", and I am also greeted with that message when I log in. Clicking on "view your options" always l...

ntruby by Dialled in
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Invoice in dispute affected credit score

Due to issues and errors from Virgin on a monthly basis for around 18months, I recently found out that virgin added a late payment flag to my credit score in June while my invoice was in dispute and being credited/amended. I need to get this removed ...

Wonder8 by On our wavelength
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Fumming with virgin,Looked on my Equifax report and I had a default of 19.00 from virgin 5 months ago. I moved to sky and have been billed after I have left. After wasting hours on the phone going round the world and in circles managed to get the ema...

Weston86 by Joining in
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