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I have just signed up for a new contract, and Netflix is now included. However, when I try and start using Netflix, it’s asking me to sign up accepting a monthly charge. If I sign up, to be charged through my VM bill, will the fact that it is part of...

Alexd by Dialled in
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Unable to see billing info

Hi, my son posted the below and has asked me to create an account so we can get it looked at. I can provide whatever details you need. Anyone able to help please... My dad has not been able to see any billing info when he logs into his account on the...

Re: Terrible company!!

They are a terrible company that likes to play games.We recently had new fibre cables put in as I live right next to an industrial estate, not that you can see or even hear anything from my flat.Long storey short, because I live next to it, the cable...

CheekyC by Joining in
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New contract

HiI've just signed up for another 18 mths and I asked the specific question would everything I have now be on my new contract but on looking at what they have sent through my anytime phone has changed to any time chatter which will now charge for num...

RD54 by Tuning in
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After almost 15 years wth VM, very upset

I am not sure what is happening with Virgin Media customer service and management team.  This is my complaint, I activated Netflix by mistake, I know my mistake, then 1 hour after I went to the system and cancel it, I rang VM and explained them my mi...

Early contract termination

I’ve been handed my notice for the house I rent due to landlord not being happy he has to fix damp,mould faults etc. I’ve asked Virgin if I can cancel my contract but was told it would be £323 to cancel. I’ve got a young daughter and I’m a single to ...

Unable to cancel engineer appointment

Early today my home network was down so after following the diagnosis suggested by VM I booked an appointment for an engineer to visit 8 am-12 pm on 24/01. However, the network was back after 6 hours. I've tried many times to cancel the appointment, ...

lc121221 by Joining in
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