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Resolved! Can't switch to e billing

I'm trying to switch to e billing as I don't want to pay for receiving bill - this advice doesn't help as I can't see My Profile anywhere: whether I got in on the computer or appAl...

ddawso3 by Joining in
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Reset password not working

Experiencing the same problem - trying to reset the password to a new account and when the 8th character is input a "Strength Invalid" message appears in red no matter what the combination of alternatives, etc. Incredibly frustrating, compounded by t...

Sick0f1t by Joining in
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Resolved! Cancellation Fee calculation

I am thinking of leaving VM for City Fibre Internet plus FreeView TV. This is mostly to save money but they also offer a pure fibre service which we cannot get from VM without upgrading and paying even more. I am actually trying to understand how VM ...


anybody else got 3 packages on the go at the same time??contract runs out march  4th.ring up ask for new etc get broadband tv360 / arrives doesn't' work ring up technician will come in a month?cancel contract/ disconnection.30 days etcemail ...

patier by Tuning in
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Please can you check my account that homeworks is removed, i've asked several times for it to be removed but it is still showing on my account package, i never asked for this and i dont want it RegardsGareth

Extend cancellation date by a week

Does anyone know if it’s possible to extend my cancellation by one week ? I am leaving VM after 18 years as they have been unable to sort out overcharging on my account for the last six months , but I will be without broadband & TV for a week while I...

New upgrade

Hi  just had the good people at VM call me to give me a new deal. All with boosted broadband and an O2 sim. However on the phone I was quoted 69.50 for the price of the VM contract. But I received two text shortly after the call asking me to confirm ...

Tom1010 by On our wavelength
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Cannot access VM account online

Hi VM,Unable to access online account due to email address not being recognised but not convinced online access was ever created.Sign-In: Forgotten email or password route doesn’t work.Register Account: entered DOB, account and area info and a screen...

Nik_B by On our wavelength
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