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Help- I have renewed my contract but virgin say I haven’t

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My contract was due for renewal. Last night, I signed in online and was offered a new contract at a reduced price. I accepted this and continued through to confirm. I have screen shots confirming that I have renewed and an email with an order number. Today, I contacted Virgin and they have told me that I have no new contract! The first agent said that it was a new customer offer and I wasn’t eligible, not true. The second agent said that I hadn’t accepted terms, again not true. They said that they could look at renewing my contract but it would be more expensive! I have screen shots and emails confirming the contract! I was then told that I couldn’t make a complaint over the phone, this had to be done online and could take up to 7 days for a response. In the meantime, I am left paying a huge amount of money as virgin say I don’t have the new contract. This is all so stressful. The Virgin advisers were awful and very unhelpful. I suggested calling back but was told by the adviser that he was level 2 retentions and if I called back I would get a worse answer! This is so awful how can a company behave like this? I fell like I’ve been scammed!  


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Hi Soupset 👋

Thanks for your post, and a warm welcome to the Forums.

I'm very sorry to hear about the experience you have had when making a change to your package through your online account.

When making the changes, you've mentioned that you have received an email for these changes. Can you confirm what the title of this email is? Have you received any Pre-Contract Documentation?

Are you also able to provide any screenshots of the emails you have received (blocking out any personal details), so we can check this for you?


Reece - Forum Team

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I have been having this exact same issue since the 27th of November. They have done exactly the same to us. We upgraded on OUR account page and had documentation then nothing at all. Weeks of messages and emails have hit a brick wall. We are taking them to the ombudsman, they are scamming so many of us. It's a complete con

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This is a warning to others to not renew your contract this way.  I had the same issue.  These early online renewals are not being actioned.  I complained to outbound retentions and they knew of this issue and said they were trying out a new way for people to renew their contract but there were technical issues.  They will not honour the price that I received to renew online. Scumbags. 

Hi Rammstein94 & timbs32

We can see that the forum team have been assisting you from other threads with these issues. We will continue to assist you from there.

Kind regards


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Yes, I have all the contract information downloaded onto my phone. The title of the email is your Virgin Media order. I am a bit nervous about sharing the email on here but I also have screen shots of the pages when I did the renewal and one of them says congratulations you’ve renewed your contract! 
I have spoken to someone at Virgin today who said that the online contracts can take up to one week to show, is this true? I am hoping that this is what it is and it will all be sorted out. 

I will also be going to the ombudsman if Virgin don’t honour this contract. It can’t be legal to give a customer a contract, confirm it and then say that it doesn’t exist! I told a virgin staff member today that I had an order number and he said that means nothing! Good luck, this needs to stop! 

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This surely can’t be legal. If they don’t honour the confirmed contract surely this is a breach of contract? I am so sorry to hear you have a similar issue, hope that it gets sorted out. 

Thanks for coming back to let us know @Soupset 😊 I'm glad you've been able to speak to the team about this. Just to confirm, was this email sent to you on the back of any Black Friday/Cyber Monday offers? If so, due to a high uptake of these offers there is a delay in the offers being added to the account.

These are usually added within 7-14 days of the offer being confirmed.



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No, I didn’t take the offer until 12/12/23. I am hoping that it’ll get put on my account soon, I’ve been told to wait until the 19th December. Looking on here nr going is making me nervous as a lot of people seem to have the same problem.