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Not able to set Holiday Notice

Tuning in

I have been trying to set a holiday notice but was unable to. 

Previously, I would click on the cogwheel, select 'emails' and there would be an option for 'Holiday Notice'. This option sems to have disappeared.

There is a clickbox for 'Vacation notice' but when I click on this (or anything else) I get the 'Server Unreachable' pop up, along with a 'Unable to load your vacation notice. Please retry later.' pop up.

This has been the case since before Christmas and was very inconvenient over the Xmas break!

The 'Server Unreachable' also pops up every now and then, but broadly everything else seems OK, sending and receiving emails etc.

I have tried on various computers/laptops/phones on WIFI and Mobile Network but the result is the same. 

Anyone else getting this? I'm going away in a few weeks and would really like to set an Out Of Office message!!




Tuning in
P.S it's and old account...

Tuning in

Can anyone help with this?

This is the screen when I click on Settings (i.e Holiday notice no longer an option below email)




Tuning in

And this is when I click on Vacation notice. As I have said, this is the same on several machines and whether on Wifi or mobile networks...



Hi @simmyb,

Welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your post. 

Sorry you're having some issues setting up Holiday Notice.  Could you confirm you have tried the below steps:


How to set an Out of Office message


  1. For laptop/desktop click the cogwheel icon or for Mobile tap the top right circle icon and select Settings
  2. Then select > Email > Holiday notice
  3. Tap the slider so it slides to the right with a green background
  4. Write your Out of Office message and set when you want it to send
  5. Tap Apply changes
  6. To turn if off again, return to the same screen and tap the slider to the left, then select Apply changes again 


Forum Team

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Hi Ayisha,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I did follow those steps (tried to) but as you can see from my screenshots, 'Holiday notice' was not shown as an option below 'Email'. 

I don't understand what has happened as the option was always there in the past as I have set an Out Of Office message many times in the past...

Hello simmyb.

Sorry the above steps didn't help.

There is another way to access Holiday Mode.

Open up webmail in a browser

Top right is a VIEW option with an arrow pointing down, click on that arrow and at the bottom will be a vacation notice.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Gareth, but same problem I'm afraid. The Vacation Notice option is there, but when I click on it, it comes up 'Unable to load your vacation notice. Please retry later.' and 'Server Unreachable'.

It has been the same for a month now....

Thanks, Simon



Thanks for your reply @simmyb, sorry to see that this is still not working. Have you been able to try this on an alternative device to see if this helps? Have you also been able to try clearing the cookies and cache?



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Thanks for your message Nathan. I have tried on my phone, tablet, laptops and desktop with no success!