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+++ Known Issue+++ "Your Virgin Media Mail account is currently unavailable" RESOLVED


Hi All, 

We are aware of an issue affecting some customers being unable to access their Virgin Media Email accounts this morning. This has been raised and our team are currently investigating this issue. We will have this resolved as quickly as possible.

Ticket ref: F011208525

This issue is now resolved


yep same here ! ( ntlworld )

join the club !

Me too. Looks like it's happening everywhere. Changed to a different email as suggested but still not working. Need to get it back to my NTL one asap.

Nightmare 😞

Yes me, since this morning.


Tuning in

I've just had today the "unavailable" message. I have an active account, so that isn't the problem. The other one, according to the rest of the message, is there may have been a security breach. It advises I go for sign in to MyVirginMedia and then do forgot my password.

However, the sign in does not allow for resetting by forgetting, so I'm stuck.

Any help would be appreciated.



On our wavelength

Same thing <sigh>

Thanks all - sounds like a widespread issue then.  Our is still a problem so we will wait a while and see if it resolves itself.

I just started a separate conversation, then I found these:-)

I have the same trouble and in following the advice to sign in, there is no "forgot password button" so I can't even get started on that.

I have a different provider for my emails now so I'm not stuck for communication that way. Since Virgin began to get unreliable with email, I decided to buy my own domain and go that way. I still use the VM one, so it is still active, until now.



same as well, webmail appears to be working on iphone mail app.... it's Friday!