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+++ Known Issue+++ "Your Virgin Media Mail account is currently unavailable" RESOLVED


Hi All, 

We are aware of an issue affecting some customers being unable to access their Virgin Media Email accounts this morning. This has been raised and our team are currently investigating this issue. We will have this resolved as quickly as possible.

Ticket ref: F011208525

This issue is now resolved


I have exactly the same problem.  Got to work and saw the error.  My phone seems okay, just webmail.

I tried deleting all the virgin media cookies, but no change.

Tuning in

I am locked out of my emails. Very distressing.

Can you help?

Tuning in

Hi all - I would be really grateful for any help on this one.

I have quite a few e-mail accounts on the one VM account, and my wife's e-mail account is suddenly showing as locked / unavailable and won't let her view mails.

This is only an issue with her e-mail account, not any of the others, including the main one.

The VM instructions on the page that appears asked us to change the e-mail address she uses to log in to the account to a different one (which we did, and we chose her backup "gmail" account for this).

The second step was to let VM create a new password just for the e-mail account, which we also have done successfully.

However, the account still shows as locked.

She is able to login in to the VM account page fine, the issue is only when she clicks on the button to show e-mails.

Incidentally, she never uses an App such as Outlook - she only ever accesses e-mails via the main VM account page.

Any help would be gratefully received!



Same here when trying to access Webmail.

It's OK through Apps etc.

Webmail redirects to a page saying my account is unavailable -

same here, ntl world - i refuse to try to re-set password as i know that when others tried to do this they were locked out permanently !

Same here, did anyone get this sorted?

Please 🙏🏽

Same for me...

I get redirected to a page saying:

"Your Virgin Media Mail account is currently unavailable"

I reset the Virgin Media Mail app password (...again - I already followed these steps at the start of the month).

But it didn't help, and again from I land at the same page saying "Your Virgin Media Mail account is currently unavailable".


same with my ntlworld, heard nightmare stories about password reset in the past !

I'd do nothing and wait.  Passwords are all fine so don't change anything..