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Volt benefits not applied

Hi there,I joined O2 about a month ago and have the M100 broadband package. My volt benefits don’t seem to have applied to my Virgin Media package yet, although they have applied to my O2 bundle. Is someone able to look into this for me please?Thanks...

jonbca by Joining in
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Loss of Service AGAIN

We had Virgin installed 28th Sept 2022. Router failed on the 8th of October (10 days later). We had to wait until the 14th of Oct (6 days without Internet) for engineer to fix problem. Today (31st of October) both Internet and TV went off. We have be...

Questions regarding Volt

I'm looking at switching my sim over to O2 to make use of the Volt upgrades to mobile data and broadband speed but before I do I wanted to get a couple things cleared up in case it is an obstacle to getting the free upgrades.As a long time VM custome...

smush by On our wavelength
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Volt benefits not applied yet

Hello Virgin Media!My O2 Volt benefits were activated automatically by O2 on 27th September 2022.I am yet to receive any confirmation that Virgin Media have done the same for my Virgin account.As I have no way to trigger this, and it has been more th...

Resolved! Volt - BB Speed not upgraded

I signed up for the VOLT free upgrades back on the 3rd of October. My O2 mobile had the double data upgrade within a few days but I have yet to hear anything from VM regarding my broadband upgrade. I believe it should have happened with 14 days. Can ...

Izza1967 by Tuning in
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Wifi pods on Volt

Hello,I am an O2 and Virgin customer and want to claim my Volt priviliges:1) My Wifi signal is poor/unusable. How do I get the Wifi pods? 2) How do I activate my Virgin media speed increase as per Volt benefit?Thanks for your help,Blake

bhale by Joining in
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loss of volt since i moved

I recently moved house and got a subscription to virgin. I have notified o2 but my volt benefits are still going to my ex's house instead of my new address. Any help would be most appreciated

clash52 by Joining in
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Connect app doesn't show how to order pod

I have VM Volt M200 and would like to have a WiFi pod sent to me as the WiFi in my office is very slow and drops out.I used the connect app to scan, giving me 2mbps in my office, but there is no option to request for a pod to be sent out.Could somebo...

Thesoso by Joining in
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Resolved! Unable to access VM account and Bills

  For over 10+ months I have not been able to access my bills, I am forever getting the silly oopppsss sign. I have logged an IT issue over a month ago and I am still getting no where. I can’t log in, I can’t view a bill, can’t access my account. I a...

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email83 by Joining in
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