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Volt Benefit not applied on Virgin Media

Hi, I am both a O2 and Vigrin Media customer. I have activated my Volt benefit on O2 website and O2 have doubled my data package however I am still waiting for VM to increase my broadband speed. I have tried for the past 2 days to contact VM via Live...


This is the original post and conversations sinceHi Thanks for your reply unfortunately after a awful experience with your call centre I'm actually thinking of leaving virgin completely I rang up last night to cancel my contract due to the price incr...

Re: Volt Broadband Speed Increase

Hi megan_lI am having the same issue. I signed up for a new virgin media volt package before the new year but am not seeing the Volt benefits on my broadband. I am, however seeing the benefits on my o2 account.Any help appreciated.Thanks

ruswit by On our wavelength
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Volt benefits

Need to have volt benefits added to my account please 

Netflix not active

Long story but I'll try and keep it as short as possible!When I moved over to the volt package I was given Netflix as a part of the package, this was possibly about 6 months or so ago, in this time i was never able to activate it, go back 3 weeks ago...

DanWazz by Tuning in
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Phone not ever working

I have had so much trouble with the phone not working. It was never installed initially and since I did not use it I did not bother. But it cost an arm and a leg to speak to Virgin for problems I am having and since the phone doesn’t work I can’t use...

nabsky by Joining in
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Resolved! Getting my free wifi booster

Using the connect app i have scanned each room and have 4 rooms that are poor signal, i was told by doing this i would then access claiming a booster pod. This is not an option, myself and my partner are box struggling working from home, due to poor ...

jeanie83 by Joining in
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Cancelling broadband on Volt - what happens to O2 sim contract?

I am on the Volt package, still within contract but able to leave because of the broadband price rise. I rang and gave notice to cancel both broadband and mobile and noemntiin was made of any penalty charges. I assumed I could also cancel the 02 sim ...

Resolved! 2nd O2 SIM on Volt

My wife has just signed up to Volt and has received her o2 SIM. Install for everything else is booked so happy days..She wants to know if she can add further SIMs to the Volt account in addition to the single o2 number provided when she signed up?If ...