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Ultimate volt bundle

An o2 sim is part of package.Is this sent once account is actually activated,as I signed up a month ago,but had to wait for installation. I have not received the sim,and customer services have no idea.

Volt for second family member rejected.

Hello,I am a Virgin Media customer and recently me and my wife both switched from Three to O2 as we were told we could both benefit from Volt. So we would get the data/speed on our sim contracts/our Broadband doubled twice. I was successful in signin...

Resolved! Unwanted Contract

Hi, Virgin offered me a new deal for 18 months, with a speed increase and a new TV box.They asked if I wanted a mobile phone contract as Virgin are now working with 02.  I said no, I am happy with my current phone company.  When Virgin emailed me the...

How big is the hole drilled into the wall?

Hello, I’m getting a Virgin media Fibre on the 14 of February and I’ve never gotten virgin media before, Since it’s fibre, if just like to know how big the whole in the wall usually is and how the whole thing is set up

Bryan9 by Joining in
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Resolved! Missold re waiver of early disconnection fee

My daughter contacted VM via webchat following expiry of her previous 18 month contract. She was interested only in a monthly rolling contract as she would soon be moving in with her partner who already has broadband. VM constantly recommended an 18 ...

Hm53 by Tuning in
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Signed up for a VOLT contract but now they say I cant have it

Signed up for a deal for a VOLT package which was a good offer, through the virgin page.  Got the contract summary through email and activation date.  Date went by and no activation so contacted them and they said its not available any moreAgent said...

Quick question about volt.

I have the m350 broadband and two o2 phone tarries in the house, all three are in the same name and are eligible for vault. If I upgrade my broadband to m500 and then apply the volt promotion does that mean I’ll get the 1Gb broadband for no additiona...

Order a pod

I've just upgraded to volt and installed hub 5. Initially it showed OK in the connect app but after 12 hours has now stopped. I've tried the app on multiple devices and the hub just won't show despite it working OK. I have really bad signal in 2 room...

LindseyM by Joining in
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Volt WiFi pod

Hi I'm on the volt deal where we're entitled to a free pod if the download speed is low. I've recorded a speed of 8Mbps in one of the rooms but can't see how we go about getting a free pod. Any advice would be gratefully received.

Lee_W by Joining in
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