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WIFI pods

Good Afternoon,Has the virgin media connect app been updated recently so that you can no longer order the WiFi pods via it.  Before I had volt added to my account I could see the option to order WiFi pods but required signing up to WiFi Max at £8 a m...

LFC383 by Joining in
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Wifi Pods

Can I order 3 wifi pods as the wifi in parts of my house is very poor with connections falling out constantly?

LesHenry by Joining in
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Unable to access Netflix - ultimate volt bundle

I’ve had the ultimate Volt bundle for about the last 9 months. In that time I have tried to use the included Netflix subscription a number of times,I was advised through 150 to restart my subscription on the box. Every time I have done that I have be...

Existing customer offers

Hi,Why every year I have to complain about existing cusmoter offers?I have requested to get a new deal for my fibre broadband, remove MixiTV and landline and you are asking me to pay more than I use to pay with all 3 services included. I have even ag...

levisW by Joining in
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Volt o2

I am on the volt package and I pay 02 separately on an existing long term 02 account. Virgins adverts imply that the SIM card should be inclusive of my VM account and it isn't.  

PhilipF by Superfast
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CATV Replacement Cover

Hello - the CATV cover is missing from the triangular virgin cable thing outside of my house & also my neighbours house. Please can we get 23 x replacement covers? Thank you. 

seva043 by Joining in
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Volt since upgrade

HelloWould appreciate if someone could help me make sense of this.I had 250Mbps on Virgin with an eligible O2 contract meaning I got 350Mbps on my broadband.14 days ago got a call out of the blue asking me if I wanted to upgrade and start a new contr...

DNLad by Joining in
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Volt Broadband boost

Hi all,Just recently joined O2 on a SIM only deal and already had VM for 250mb broadband.Recently my VOLT benefits have been 'activated' and I managed to get double data on the O2 SIM. I haven't heard anything from VM about the broadband boost so tri...

Wi-Fi pods

I’ve just received a couple of Ring stick up cameras that need a stronger Wi-FI signal so how do I order the pods please? I’m Volt Gig1 account.

Order wifi pods

Hi there. I’ve spend several hours this am on connect and virgin media apps to work out how to order wifi pods but have had no luck. I’ve scanned rooms and now need to order - I am a VOLT customer so understand that FOC. I have 3 rooms were wifi is f...

LBoff by Joining in
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