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Please can someone help me I ordered virgin media both Tv and internet on the 2/03/2023 I received my pre contract documents but nothing since I put down for a install on the 28/08/2023 but have no idea if this is going ahead or not as I don’t have a...

Wifi pod

Hi have volt M200 package with guarantee wifi throughout the house I have recently started using my computer in the back room and the Wi-Fi signal is very slow and sometimes non existent so I ran a scan and the two back bedrooms are only getting 18-1...

VOLT benefits activation

Hello, I’ve been both a O2 and Virgin Media customer for a month now and I’m yet to see any of my volt perks take effect despite both providers saying it would take effect automatically after a short processing period. A month feels a little long for...

Terrible customer service

I have had the worst customer service from Virgin for the last 3 months.nAs a Virgin and an O2 customer I tried to order the Volt benefit WiFi pod in December, since then my wife and I have spent a total of around 20 hours on hold to various people t...

Richhow by Joining in
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Volt contract cost not same as bill

So after weeks of phone calls and negotiation and failed promises to change our Ultimate Ooomph bundle I finally agree a deal on some sort of Volt package. Contract sent and specifies £86.74 a month for 18 months then next day we get sent a bill for ...

gsim1 by Tuning in
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Volt speed upgrade

I've just been moved over from VM Mobile to O2 and whilst my data has increased, the expected uplift in my broadband speed hasn't happened.Been going round in circles to try and find somebody who can actually provide an answer as to what's happening....

Volt benefits

Have this message in volt benefits statingLooks like you have cancelled your O2 contract but you have still got your volt broadband benefits.I haven't cancelled O2 contract as I have only just signed up with them and my first bill is due 5/4/23.How c...

Badger24 by Joining in
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Resolved! Volt benefits

Hi, Both my wife and I have been O2 customers for a long time now and had VM installed when we moved early December. I've been trying to activate the volt benefits since then and regardless of how I do it I get the same error message saying not eligi...

Volt benefit speed increase

I’ve recently changed both my O2 mobile plan and My Virgin BB to 500mb. The volt benefit has started on my O2 and doubles data but the benefit I’d no shown on my Virgin BB, when should my speed be increased to next available? thanks