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Resolved! Virgin Contract Ending?

How soon before my contract ends can I renegotiate it or even sign up with another provider?

Volt: new VM customer - what price & how??

I cannot see the specific "Volt" deals for 500 and 1gig on the VM website no matter what I enter trying to see them – why does this info have to be hidden away and impossible to find, deliberately making customers life a misery! I want Broadband only...

jimthing by Superfast
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Order pods

I am a volt customer and have recently moved house. Our WiFi doesn't extend past a room away from our hub and I am aware I can order up to 3 pods. I called customer services and was advised one would be sent but 2 weeks have passed and nothing has ar...

joloukes by Joining in
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VM Hub 2 on M250 Fibre

Hi,We have the Volt M250 fibre broadband, but we're still on an old Hub 2 router. We have WiFi dropping out fairly regularly now. Would a router upgrade help with the issue, and do I need to pay for this? Shouldn't we have recieved an upgraded router...

JonC123 by Joining in
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Resolved! Ordering Wi-Fi

Hi can anyone help been trying to get through to customer services to no success got through once after an hour on hold to be cut off looking to order a Wi-Fi Pod as the main bedroom I’m my house is only getting 6mbps download speeds running around i...

IMG_2521.png IMG_2520.png
Noog by Joining in
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Will not using O2 sim affect VOLT benefits?

Hi. I just got a new contract that came with an O2 sim, as this massively decreased the price for a better speed. We don’t have any use for the sim and don’t plan to use it at all. Might be a silly question, but will virgin media notice this at all d...

Upgraded package switching on

Hi,upgraded to volt 600 and upgraded tv package 30th June 2023. In the morning, how long does it take to get these switch on?Thanks

WiFi dead spots

I am a Volt customer and after a recent issue, following storms, the engineer had to move my hub as the internal cables were incompatible. I now get no WiFi signal in the conservatory or rear bedrooms. I tried using the connect app but keep getting a...

How to notify O2 mobile account now in place?

Hi,we just upgraded to 350 MBit broadband and the VM advisor said that if we also had an O2 mobile contract in the household we could get this boosted to 500 MBit for no extra fee. I don’t see how to set this up/notify VM on the app. Do I have to pho...

KingEH16 by Joining in
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