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How to order wifi pods

Just been upgraded to Volt and have used the app on my phone to check for poor wifi reception in my home. One of the rooms has a poor (and sometime no) signal - well under 20mbps but after scanning several times no details how about how to order said...

VAF by Tuning in
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Unwanted ca

I keep getting phone calls to my mobile from 0800 numbers they ask for me I confirm then they hang up.the foreign accent says from virgin media!  Anyone any ideas?

Free Netflix with volt bundle

My wife changed our bundle yesterday which now includes Netflix, how do we set up the free account now because we already have a Netflix account? Do I have to cancel our original one?

Virgin VOLT question. Why O2 and not Virgin Mobile?

Hi all, hope everyone is OK.I'm trying to reduce my monthly bill (aren't we all!) and I've been pointed at the Virgin VOLT 'deals'. The big question is; why do I have to switch from Virgin Mobile to O2? Surely, it the deals be available for Virgin Mo...

Miss sold Package

Hi there,Took out a Gig1 contract with Virgin as an o2 customer via an o2 store. The agent told us to take the ultimate package it would be £85 for the offer, however, we agreed we didn't need the sim as I'm already an o2 customer with 2 sim cards. H...

Selkar17 by Joining in
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I have a VM package that has Netflix included but have an account with Netflix already. How do I link my existing Netflix account to VM and save myself £10.99 a month. I’ve tried all the so called guides without success. 


I have recently had two virgin sims moved over to O2 and I haven't had my broadband speed changed yet .

pbbroon by On our wavelength
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Volt speed boost to Gig1

I have the Volt benefits being applied to my account from Sunday 21st May and that means that I should receive a speed boost from 500mb to Gig1.I'm currently using a Hub 3, do I need to order a Hub 5 or will Virgin automatically send me one?VM suppor...

newtonuk by Joining in
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Switch from Business to Residential

I’ve been a business broadband customer for a few years and have been happy with the service,  I recontracted for 18 months about 6 months ago. I would now like to get TV but can’t buy this without broadband, so would like to switch to residential. I...

Volt question

I signed up with virgin and o2 separately, I want to link the two and get the volt benefits?I spoke to a guy the other day from virgin who said because it’s only been a day since I had my services activated, there’s nothing he could do and to call ba...