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Volt BB Speed Activation

Hi,I have have called VM multiple times regarding the Volt speed upgrade and keep being promised it has been applied and should be active in a couple of hours(this was yesterday), and still nothing..I have been an O2 customer for many years - and rec...

dn872654 by Joining in
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Can’t open websites

It’s not letting me open websites I Google. Every website - even BBC is a security issue. It’s done this before. 

Leuwboy by Just joined
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Wifi pod needed

Recently moved to Virgin and our router wifi is terrible.  I had better coverage with a 4 year old Plusnet router.I have one wifi pod and still can't get internet in all rooms in the house.  Need 2 additional pods ASAP, have waited on live chat for o...

evans24 by Joining in
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Volt Ultimate and Netflix activation

I'm adding myself to the long list of unhappy Volt users who have turned to the forum in the hope that someone at Virgin will spot the post and help resolve the issues.I made the switch to Volt mid-Nov on the promise of inclusive Netflix subscription...

Screenshot 2022-12-30 at 20.54.56.png
graham17 by Joining in
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Re: Switch to O2 - number not ported

I'm in the same boat, though the Virgin rep who set up the contract said it would not transfer for 30 days, which seems odd on a few counts, firstly, that seems to mean I will be paying for a month of an O2 contract I can't use and also I've got lots...

Tavis75 by Knows their stuff
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Resolved! Netflix only works on 1 device not 2

Hi, I upgraded my package in early Dec. I already had a Netflix account that I cancelled, then I followed the email activation code to restart my account with the same email address. Something has gone wrong because I can only watch Netflix on 1 devi...

JanP789 by Tuning in
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Who qualifies for Volt?

Hi, just wondering if anyone knows for sure?I have Virgin broadband and my wife has an o2 mobile. She signed up for Volt and I got an email from Virgin saying our account now has Volt benefits applied eligible but the speed boost could not be added.T...

Another yet to receive my Volt broadband speed boost

Sadly I'm another customer who is waiting for a broadband speed upgrade after moving to Volt, like many others on this forum.I renewed my package back in early April, and moved from Ultimate Oomph to Ultimate Volt. At the time I renewed it was explai...

cje72 by On our wavelength
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Don’t join o2

Virgin Media call centre advised me that if I joined O2 they could lower my unlimited calls, data and text mobile contract . Now having signed up for the recommended contract advised to me , I find out that O2 charges £0.65 for one multi media messag...