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Netflix account Hacked on Volt package

Last Thursday my daughter was unable to login to our Netflix.When I checked it did not recognize my email associated with the account so I could not recover the account.I spoke to Netflix and they said my associated email had been changed to another ...

Kojack by On our wavelength
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Contract Ending

HelloI am wondering if i can get some help regarding my current contract issue.I previously had various help from Virgin Media staff on this community forum. I was sent various correspondence and my account issues were resolved.This was great but i h...

Resolved! Live chat . Lowering bill

Hello . I received an email saying my bill will increase an extra £9 a month . I can't afford that at all . I'm trying to find live chat to talk to some1 ( don't like speaking on phone as I am part deaf and struggle with accents) . How do I find live...

How to claim Volt mesh pods?

I have Volt benefits from being with O2 and VM. Apparently one of the Volt benefits is free mesh pods for the home to ensure quality connections. Anyone know how to claim these? There doesn't seem to be an area of the VM website to do this, and I'm u...

M250 wifi max, or m200

Hi there had a change and speed boost to my contract. Changes say we've removed m125 package, and replaced it with. M250 wifi max package. But looking in my account it says Broadband 200. Can anybody clarify this for me. Thanks in advance. Have a lov...

Sooty2 by Tuning in
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Not eligible to Volt but no one can explain why?

I have an O2 pay monthly SIM, Volt benefits applied there no issue. The issue is with VM.I'm well over 14 days, my name and address on accounts are the same. I have contacted VM through WhatsApp to ask what was going on and was told my package isn't ...

Hammyloo by Joining in
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virgin media volt question

Hey guys, so I have a Virgin Media SIM only plan £8 for 12gb, anyway, my question is if Virgin Media is moving to o2 anyhow/Virgin Media SIMs to o2 network now, do you think I could get my SIM in the volt bundle to upgrade the speed of the Wi-Fi,as w...

Extremely slow speeds when I need it most

Hi,I used to get consistently fast speeds with Volt (a solid 300-500mbps) and I was very happy, but it seems like I'm being throttled at an abysmal 20-40mbps from 9:00 to 10:00 every day now. This started two weeks ago and hasnt got any better. Almos...

somename by Joining in
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