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Resolved! Volt benefits

Hi, Both my wife and I have been O2 customers for a long time now and had VM installed when we moved early December. I've been trying to activate the volt benefits since then and regardless of how I do it I get the same error message saying not eligi...

Volt benefit speed increase

I’ve recently changed both my O2 mobile plan and My Virgin BB to 500mb. The volt benefit has started on my O2 and doubles data but the benefit I’d no shown on my Virgin BB, when should my speed be increased to next available? thanks

downgrade 02 sim card on volt

HI  I will like to know if downgrade my 02 sim card from £25 a month in the cooling off period will that effect my Vigin account as i am paying £45 for ultimate bolt after discount and i do not want to lose the discount.

volt benifits

have spoke to two different customer service reps and both have told me there would be a price increase to the next available speed for me which would be 1gig and seems to contradict the info on the volt benifits page 

Activation code for Netflix

After speaking to customers support requesting the activation code for Netflix over a week ago I still haven’t received anything? told it would arrive in a couple of days 

Resolved! Mobile

Can anyone tell me if on Volt I ring a virgin house phone is it free? 

WW1948 by Up to speed
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Rude and ignorant installer!!

Tuesday 21st March 2023 . Location HASELDINE MEADOWS , Hatfield Al10 8hb  4.15pmInstaller almost completely blocking road when there's plenty of parking spaces, gave me a load of sarcastic attitude when I asked him to move the van as I'm struggling t...

Choonzy by Joining in
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Will Any O2 sim in the house, convert to double data???

Hi Can somebody confirm that if i buy a new O2 sim card contract from Uswitch that it will be applicable for double data with the volt upgrade i currently have with a new packageI have a £10 sim already and would like to get another one but from Uswi...

Resolved! Ultimate Volt and o2 sim change tariff

I am a subscriber to Ultimate Volt with the included £25 a month O2 sim.O2 are now offering me an upgrade, and as I need a new phone, I figured I would take them up on this.My question is, if I upgrade my £25 a month account with O2 to say £40 a mont...