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Should I change to Volt or Sky?

Looking for some advice if possible,Seeing all the issues regarding people changing from Ooomph to Volt i'm starting to wonder whether i'm better off leaving Virgin altogether and go to Sky.Seeing issues with bills being wrong aswell as netflix detai...

roryp123 by Joining in
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Credit were credit is due!! Netflix

Hi folks I, like many other people have experienced Netflix activation issues and BB speed upgrades not being applied.I re contracted two months ago to the Ultimate Volt package knowing the potential for things going wrong with Netflix etc. I had iss...

Keep getting Netflix activation emails

Hi,I upgraded to Volt last week and received an email with a link to activate Netflix. I followed the link and registered with Netflix and all is great.I now keep getting an email from you every day telling me I still need to activate Netflix.When I ...

pjk53 by Joining in
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Volt still not applied

Hi long time customer With o2. Joined vm in august. O2 have doubled the data but still no speed boost on the broadband. How long should it take?

Skazee by Joining in
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Switch to O2 - number not ported

I've recently re-contracted with Virgin, moving to a Volt package. This included leaving Virgin Mobile and moving to O2 for our SIM. We want to keep the same mobile number.When I spoke to VM about all this on Saturday the VM agent said he was putting...

g0akc by Problem sorter
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change of address

I have recently moved and i have notified o2 but i am not receiving my volt benefits

clash52 by Joining in
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Hi, I have recently cancelled my subscription as I am still within the cooling off period. However, I have not received a confirmation email and when I called back no one was able to confirm it was cancelled. Secondly, I called O2 regarding the phone...

Jhunting by Joining in
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Netflix update

I rebooted modem and got the email at the exact same time. 2.22 am      could be it coincidence but if you waiting for your Netflix email just try it you have nothing to lose

Swf by Fibre optic
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Volt benefits not applied

Hi there,I joined O2 about a month ago and have the M100 broadband package. My volt benefits don’t seem to have applied to my Virgin Media package yet, although they have applied to my O2 bundle. Is someone able to look into this for me please?Thanks...

jonbca by Joining in
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Loss of Service AGAIN

We had Virgin installed 28th Sept 2022. Router failed on the 8th of October (10 days later). We had to wait until the 14th of Oct (6 days without Internet) for engineer to fix problem. Today (31st of October) both Internet and TV went off. We have be...