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Volt Bundle - issues with O2

Joining in


I signed up for a Volt Bundle last Monday (26th February). I received a contract from Virgin but I haven't received anything from O2 and I am still waiting for my new sim. How long should I wait for the sim to arrive and how can I check that O2 have the right information and are setting up an account?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Rivva85 

Thanks for posting and welcome to not only the community but Virgin Media also 🙂

Have you received the SIM since posting? I can see from the system check you did speak to our team after your post, so hopefully everything is resolved.

If not, contact O2 directly here - and they'll look into this for you.

Forum Team

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still no sign of the SIM. When I called the Virgin team they said they couldn't do anything. I then called O2 but apparently their system was down so they couldn't check - by the way it took too long for a decent customer service, both times. I am gonna try again with O2. The question is now what would happen if the O2 order was never received. If I am offered a more expensive deal, I am not gonna take it. If so, what would happen to my Virgin contract? I am fine with no fastest speed but I don't wanna pay more - the problem is the communication between Virgin and O2, not mine. And as you can imagine, this is not good for Virgin reputation as a company as well......

Thanks for coming back to us Rivva85, have you been able to speak to O2 to get this looked into since you last posted? 

Kind Regards,