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TV Box Overheating on Disney+

Hey!My Virgin TV box is overheating when watching Disney+. Any ideas why?The box was overheating a few months ago when the weather was warmer, but it seemed to get better. However, I recently got Disney+ and its consistently overheating after a few m...

Screenshot 2023-08-27 194225.png

TNT Sports Ultimate Picture Jittery

Watching Man City vs Newcastle on TNT Sports Ultimate for first time on Virgin TV tonight and I'm very disappointed with picture quality with stuttering/buffering. The main camera makes all the players blurry, very disappointed coming away from Sky Q...

Absolute waste of hardware.

My hardware got upgraded to the new remote control a few months ago.It has to be the buggiest (??) software ever. Misses recordings, won't play recordings, reboots randomly, slow as pouring treacle sometimes.The old software knew that an episode had ...

dmacuk by On our wavelength
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Techician needed back????

Techy came this pm and couldn't put v360 box on my TV as no hdmi sockets only start. Tried this with converter and still no joy.Therefore out V220 box back and asked for it to be reinstated.However this is a secondary box, and our main box which was ...

New tv 360 TV guide question

I’ve just switched to the new remote with the updated layout etc. is there anyway to change the settings so that when I press TV guide it automatically opens at the top of the guide, I.e. on bbc1. Because now when I press TV guide it opens on the cha...

Soundbar problems

I have got a soundbar but when using v360 box the sound keeps going off for a couple of seconds then comes back on.. I have tried a new HDMI leaf and a different socket.


When opening the guide it’ll show channels 100-106 fine & channels aligned to their numbers, but 107+ aren’t aligned and the channels are all over the place  


Search history

Is there any way of deleting search history or turning it off on the 360 box please?

Daz4 by Joining in
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