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Resolved! Sound Issue

When I turn on the TV and the Virgin box, occasionally there is no sound on the main TV channels. But always sound on ITV1. If I turn the Virgin box off and on it resets the sound.Anyone any idea what is the course or if there is a solution. Virgin b...

MTS1 by Joining in
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Can’t get any tv channels

For the last week or so I can’t watch any tv channels on my tv. I have tried all the troubleshooting solutions and nothing works. I can watch things on the apps on the tv and I can watch Virgin tv on my mobile but absolutely nothing on my tv, plus no...

New Customer - Account Retrieval error CS1012

New customer since August 21st with Virgin Media. I managed to activate the phone and broadband but the virgin 360 box refuses to activate! As such I’ve been without any TV for almost 4 weeks! I’m getting an on box “Account Retrieval error CS1012” - ...

UB132 by Joining in
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ITVX keeps crashing on 360 mini box

I note on this forum that this is an ongoing issue with Virgin, I have reported this a few days ago. I have just received a phone call and was instructed to reset router and carry out a factory reset on my mini box, all carried out as instructed but ...

Carl2159 by Joining in
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Virgin 360 tv service down again Colindale

On Saturday at 1pm we lost our virgin 360 tv service with error code cs2004 reboot box check cables. We had no tv service until 2pm Sunday. I was advised by virgin text that issue resolved.  Surprise surprise at 12.q0pm today service went down again....

Sky Sports Cricket Pixelating

For months & months ch 504 pixelates, whether weather conditions are sunny or thundery etc. When it is also streamed on 501/510 at same time those channels do not pixelate. Yes I have rebooted, yes cables are in securely - this is not a catch all ans...

dspace9 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Technical Issues - VM no help

I've been having lots of problems with my 360 box. Pixelated recordings and recordings stopping recording so means i miss the programme. I've also been having lots of problems with my hub 4. Range is the big one even with 3 pods, but also it keeps go...

bd by On our wavelength
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Black Screen for a split second

Keep getting a black screen for less than a second on every channel I watch!I have a 4K Samsung tv and has worked with 360 VM for years, just recently since I’ve been upgraded I keep getting a split second (less than a second) black screen! Can someo...

Michaeljf by On our wavelength
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Resolved! CS1011

My 360 box arrived today, self installed, followed all the instructions, yet getting the error code CS1011.. Re booted, restarted several times, called the helpline and after 1 hour waiting, they say systems are down and to call back tomorrow!!! 

AS17 by Joining in
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