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New TV shows

Hi all,New to Virgin TV and was wondering if there was a page or a way to find new shows coming soon. Sky used to have a New series tab is there a Similar equivalent? 

100:70 - Not able to access Sky Sports on Main V360 box

For months now we have not been able to access Sky sports on our 360 box but can on the mini..I have done all the usual turning off and on, checked connections etcTried getting through to talk to some one on several occasions, persevered today and sp...

KEEKS71 by Joining in
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Resolved! Auto switch off won’t turn off

The auto switch off message keeps appearing, but when I press ok to dismiss it, the message stays on show and the tv still counts down and switches off. I changed it to 24hrs and from eco to active and that didn’t work. I then changed it to fast and ...


I recorded the long shadow and started watching it the other night. Near the end, a notice popped up top right of screen that gave me the option to watch next episode within 10 seconds or cancel. Obvs cancelled as the current episode had more than 10...


When was the Live preview moved to the bottom corner rather then the backdrop of the Home Screen, Do people prefer it like this?

TNT ultimate picture and sound skipping

First game of the season and picture judder and sound outages are back with a vengeance.  It only on Ultimate,  same as all the posts last season. When it was called BT.The only 4K atmos channel in my package and its unwatchable.  Please don't welcom...