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Pixelation on many channels

I have just recently noticed pixelation occurring on several channels occasionally with an accompanying on screen message about "Channel Fail". It can go for a long time with no problems then suddenly pixelation and slight freezing. Anyone else seein...

Voice Control Not working - 360

Every time I try to issue a voice command, such as "Back 5 minutes", "Forward 10 minutes", etc., I just get a message saying "Sorry, didn't catch that" or "Sorry, didn't understand you there".I've replaced the batteries, but it makes no difference. I...

Channel Failed CS2004

Keep getting “Channel Failed CS2004” error message, and whilst this message is displayed the TV pixelates. This is happening on both the main box tv and the mini box tv. This is not constant error but is happening at a noticeable rate, sometimes it w...

Re: 360 box rebooting while watching CH5

Hi,Funny enough I came onto this forum to see if anyone’s been having this issue also. I’ve been getting both my main TV360 and mini box crashing randomly.The issue started all of a sudden late last week…I’m sure that this is an issue at VMs end!

2smooth by Joining in
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Blue screen after welcome message - 360 box

My tv was working this morning, now it’s not! I get the welcome message in lots of different languages than a blue screen. I’ve reset, turned on and off, checked cables, checked hdmi cable….No joy. Anything I can do or is this going to be a long wait...

Resolved! TV360 Remote will not Pair with Phillips 6700 series TV

We had TV360 & broadband installed yesterday and every thing seems to be working perfectly except we can not get the remote to pair with our Phillips 6700 series (2019) Smart TV which is the main one we watch – has any body found a fix for this?Our 2...

GaryL1 by Joining in
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Power supply has stopped working

My power supply to my tv box has stopped working.Need to get a replacement but can't get through to Virgin Media customer service.Paying for a service i can't use and can't contact CS isn't great.

Walshy71 by Joining in
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Breaking up

For the past three days I have experienced severe picture pixelation and Channel Failed warning. Is this isolated or other people experiencing the same thing.