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TNT channel

Hello  virgin upgraded both my boxes to 360 with the added channel TNT which we was an extra now TNT works fine upstairs no issues but downstairs box the channel is having a lot of interference we have checked all cables we even changed the changed t...

Zoe2023 by Tuning in
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Lionsgate+ log in on TV 360

I have a Lionsgate+ subscription bought through my Amazon Prime account and I access it through the dedicated Amazon Prime channel on my TV 360 box. However, whenever I try and access Lionsgate+ through the TV 360 app I am being asked to subscribe. D...

PGGLancs by Dialled in
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ITVX buffering

The streaming of ITV X lapses to buffering after 30mins. It then freezes and can’t be revived. Error message criticises the quality of the broadband. This can’t be true: all other channels are OK. I access from the home/apps and games / all apps. Any...

360 box

Lost all my recordings, second time this has happened 

pbbroon by On our wavelength
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Resolved! TV360 & Toob Broadband

How do i get my TV360 box working with Toob Broadband. Every time I switch from hub to Toob, it suspends my TV service. 

daveo77 by Dialled in
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Sky sports UHD

Hi, I upgraded my contract and am happy with what I have, I went into my account and seen that I could upgrade sky sports to UHD for £1.93 per month, so I did this online and stated would be activated in 6th `September. That date has since been and g...

Resolved! 360 remote

All buttons work on the remote apart from the red power button.  This is the same for 2 x 360 boxes I have.  Tried resetting both the boxes and remotes but still get the same issue.  Have also replaced batteries.

Resolved! Swapping out 360 box to trouble shoot?

Hi, My 360 box has frozen/crashed about 4 times in roughly the last four months, losing all recordings, and Netflix/Prime/iPlayer etc log-ins.If I buy a used box off ebay, is it an easy swap over between boxes? Just wondering about how the box is pro...

Resolved! My remote wont work volume on tv

I have paired my remote with LG TV which works during testing, however as soon as come of pairing page it doesn't work?Tried many time works great as long as as in pair with devices page.then soon as press close when says I'm done doesn't work?

Brian144 by Tuning in
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New tv360 install. Older VM coax cable

Hello folks. I am planning an upgrade from my horizon tv setup to TV360 with 500Mb broadband. I will get a new hub and new tv box. I am previewing the TV360 set up instructions and have a couple of questions that the forum may be able to answer: 1) W...