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Virgin just gets worse

Virgin Media just gets worse and worse. My 360 box after a reboot (not a factory reset) deleted all my programs and planned recordings. I phoned Virgin they said they would phone me in 72 hours to let me know if they could restore the deleted program...

laney1111 by On our wavelength
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Pixelation of tv channels everyday

We've had virgin media TV and broadband now for maybe 2 months now.Since the first week we've had so many issues with the broadband dropping out and tv pixelating every evening/night.We've had 3 engineers round and they replaced the main router to a ...


I just acquired Sky Sports Ultra HD and the picture is very dull with terrible colour. The normal Sky Sports HD channel is great. If I change my brightness and colour settings for the ULTRA HD channel I have to change back for any other channel. Whic...

wokelly by On our wavelength
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Verry irritating fan noise on my new Virgin 360 box

Can someone plkease tell me if there is a way to get rid of the constant fan noise coming form my new 360 box.It was installed today and is much louder than the one it replaced. There is no way I can have a box making this much nopise while watching ...

IJ365 by Joining in
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Buttons on remote stop working

I'm having problems with my Virgin remote. I have to keep rebooting my set-top box every single day to get it working again. It's not the batteries as I've changed them more than once. The down arrow, Last Channel and Back button are the worst offend...

t-c-w by Joining in
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Sports channels stuttering

Trying to watch champions league and it's like watching a match from the 70s. There seems to be a lag or the picture stuttering.  The adverts and normal channels are fine but all the sports channels have this problem.Does anyone have any idea how to ...

Lg081184 by Joining in
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360 remote

I have 2 360 boxes and 2 360 remotes, One of the remotes will no longer connect to either of my boxes but the other does, however only one box can be operated with one remote so i need a replacement for my second box and cannot seem to get this sorte...

error code cs2000 TV Box

Hi, for a couple of weeks now I've not been able to pause rewind etc live TV and get an error message flash up with code CS2000.CS2000 doesn't appear on any published list, but seems to act like a hard drive failureI've rebootedI've factory resetI've...