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+++Known Issue+++ Sky Comedy - F010630126

Hi there, Some customers may be experiencing degraded picture and sound quality on Sky Comedy (channel 112) Our support team are aware of the issue and are currently investigating We apologies for any inconvenience this issue may be causing. Best,

ModTeam by Moderator
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Lost recordings

I have lost all my records prior to last nite there is currently a problem in our area with the tv but is  watching online service's so don't think this caused this. I do understand that I can't get the recordings  back I just concerned it might happ...

Djdocdot by Joining in
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Amazon prime app crashes the box

Hi all.New to Virgin and the 360 box (1 week in?).  I have to say it hasn't been a smooth journey.I am trying to use the Amazon Prime app, and when I select a show to watch, the screen goes black and the box becomes unresponsive. I have to restart it...

CrazeUK by Tuning in
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Upgrade to 360 when already have it

Good Afternoon, I have had the virgin 360 service for at least 6 months but have in the last few days received an email offering me an upgrade to 360. I previously had the V6 box but have been sent a confirmation I will receive the 360 upgrade in the...

Hardnuta by Tuning in
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360 upgrade and now no recording or apps

Offered upgrade to 360. They sent me a new router, which I connected and now my TV TiVo box does not record, and does not allow me to go to apps etc. spoken to help centres a few times and the normal tests done but they cannot find a fault. So now al...

Pairing 360 remote with Linn DSM

I’m trying to pair a 360 remote to a Linn DSM. Followed all instructions but nothing working. However the power button on the 360 remote will switch off the DSM, but not on! But mute and volume non responsive. Linn Paperwork suggests the handsets use...

taroger by Tuning in
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Tv360 box not working.

TV screen has a downloadsymbol(?)Down arrow pointing at box.Tv360 box has amber light on right. Sometimes changes to amber flashing.On left, no symbol most of time. Sometimes a solid red WiFi connection symbol. Have tried rebooting internet and WiFi ...

Framohan by Just joined
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Resolution and Frame Rate

Hi all.The box connects to my Yamaha AVR then on to the Epson EHTW7000 projector (The PJ is not native 4k but pixel shifts to show an enhanced 2k picture). I am using high grade optical HDMI cables and the amp is set to "passthrough". Regarding resol...

ewhitey by Superfast
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Resolved! 2 digi-boxes recording in sync

I recently received 2 new V6 boxes (the little ones) - set one up on Saturday and apart from not having any music channels (fault raised) all worked fine. Set up a couple of recordings. Remote even connected to my TV (Samsung).Set up 2nd box yesterda...

TV360 free upgrade advice

Just received free offer to upgrade my V6 box to TV360. Will my stored recordings be lost during the upgrade process. Thank you.

ibbotson by Dialled in
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