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No tv signal

When I turn my TV and 360 box on just saying no signal tried all the usual things to rectify it but still nothing different cable switching on and off again 

pr1234 by On our wavelength
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Prime TV

Has anyone seen this before? Appears after you’ve hit the red button to load prime tv? cheersP


Flickering screen

we have recently noticed when we change from using cromecast to Virgin, the TV screen flickers and more recently we lose the sound at the same time. Not sure if it is the TV or Virgin? If it helps we have an LG tv. The last time it flickered, we left...

HB51 by Joining in
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Resolved! VM Phone Help (150) appears to have changed for the worse

Firstly I am addressing this board because I could not see one that deals specifically   with customer service. Please move this message if necessary.I am having problems with my TV and phoned VM around 7pm. The link given by them did not solve the p...

Lost 5USA recordings.

I know this might sound sad but I had all the episodes of Columbo recorded to watch when there is nothing else worth watching, these were recorded on 5USA but now Columbo has been switched to 5Select effectively making my recordings unwatchable only ...

roy247 by Superstar
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Couple of questions

Where is the i (info) button. There's nowt showing in the booklet/can't see it on remote and can I get rid of the white line that goes across the listings in guide? That line is really annoying. I'm so used to the Tivo remote and don't like this new ...

Echo005 by Tuning in
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Virgin tv 360 box not working

Hi. please help me. My TV box is not responding. It’s frozen and just goes to the welcome screen and goes off again. I tried a trouble shooting and a reset but nothing. any ideas would be appreciated 

ITV +1 is displaying in 4:3

Hello, since a few days ago the ITV +1 channel is displaying in 4:3. No other channels are doing this. Any one else?Channel 303 

Outcasst by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Channel activation

I don’t understand why it takes over a week to activate tv channels, over a week a go I accepted a Skysports channels offer for half price via an email from Web sales and had the confirmation email with my order reference and here I am still waiting ...