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Resolved! Buffering

Since changing to 360 my recordings buffer even though the hub is in the same room and no other devices are being used, the upstairs box doesn't buffer while watching recordings at all, it's driving me mad I had no issues until I changed to the 360 r...

Bongo12 by Joining in
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Resolved! Sky Sports UHD

I’ve noticed SS UHD has appeared on the planner. Click on UHD Main Event, it asks me subscribe then states it can’t. As a Maxit package holder, do we have to pay extra?     

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Resolved! Mini Boxes connect wirelessly?

Can i just check as the person im speaking to on Live chat and the documentation on the website are contradictary.Do you need a coax cable connected to the mini boxes for multi room or do you connect to the main box wirelessly for tv channels?

lavster by Tuning in
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360 box is a downgrade

Is it possible to go back to the v6 after the so called upgrade to 360 ?There is a lot of features on the v6 that are not on the 360.I really think that the 360 is a massive downgrade from the v6

Re: Virgin tv 360 upgrade failed

Hi Stephen i have the same error codeMA1/4/0(i.e. not MA1/4/40)Support was pretty useless so they have escalated. They did not even recognise the errir code!