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Resolved! How to reset box - no thumbs down

Evening, very strange this one but I can't see to find a post about it. On the newer TV 360 remote is there a thumbs up and down? I'm trying to restart the box and you need to press thumbs down 3 times but there isn't one.

pmfrench by Tuning in
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Unknown Netflix Account on TV Box

For the last 2 months I have been charged for Netflix on my bill. I discovered after the first month my ex had left his account logged in on the TV, so accepted that, and simply logged out of the account. I called a week later and customer services c...

IMG_3969.jpeg IMG_3970.jpeg
LouB13 by Joining in
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Sky sports poor picture quality

My sky sports picture is shocking, whether it’s on HD or not.I have tried upgrading HDMI and upgraded coax in the house and it hasn’t helped. I’ve rebooted the box countless times and nothing changes.I can’t see how it’s a cable/connection issue as t...

Not impressed

Just updated our v6 box to 360 and I have to say that so far I am not impressed. Far from it. Although the menus may look fancy and "modern", they're nowhere near as user friendly as the old ones. No button for my shows, and recordings about four alo...

iPlayer buffering

All programmes on iPlayer tonight are suffering from severe buffering and are unwatchable.I have re-booted the TV360 box but this made no difference.What is wrong?

DonBar by On our wavelength
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Constant Error Codes

I keep getting error codes. A technician has already been out and just did a factory reset, this fixed it for about 2 hours.Error codesCS2000CS2318CS2314I can’t pause or rewind live tv, all recordings fail or an error code that they can’t be played c...

Resolved! What channels are on Mega TV

Hello.I've just renewed with Virgin and I've got the Mega TV (I previously had Maxit TV) but I can't find a channel list.Can anyone tell me what channels I can expect now? Regards 

Resolved! Deleted recordings

There used to be a way to recover deleted recordings.I had a situation the other night where I had2 programmes recorded,episodes of the same programme.After watching episode one,I went to thedustbin and deleted it.I then clicked on episode two to wat...

Terrysutt by On our wavelength
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