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+++Known Issue+++ Sky Comedy - F010630126

Hi there, Some customers may be experiencing degraded picture and sound quality on Sky Comedy (channel 112) Our support team are aware of the issue and are currently investigating We apologies for any inconvenience this issue may be causing. Best,

ModTeam by Moderator
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Netflix - Bundles and Activation

We are aware of some confusion around the inclusion of Netflix within some of our bundles. The Netflix Standard Plan is now included in the below bundles sold from 21st March 2022 only Biggest TV bundleBiggest TV Volt BundleUltimate Volt Bundle Pleas...

ModTeam by Moderator
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Mute button - unmuting

Recently upgraded to 360 remote. Paired to Sony sound system. Same box has worked with the same TV and sound system for a couple of years without this issue.Most of the time when pressing MUTE it mutes the sound, but then unmutes after 12-13 seconds....

dar01 by Joining in
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Virgin 360 - A massive step back in usability

Massively fruistrated with Virgin 360.   Bring back V6, all is forgiven.My issues are with recording.   (1) The remote doesn't have a "My Shows" button, so it now takes 7 seperate button presses to get to recordings.  Home button, scroll left x4, cli...

adrewetx by Tuning in
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Netflix on mini box not connecting

I have a mini box with direct Ethernet connection to router. Netflix keeps buffering. On my phone it doesn't and none of my other devices. I have version 5.1 on the mini hub. I've tried turning it off and on taking the ethernet cable out and reconnec...

mda99das by Dialled in
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downgrade from 360 to V6 TiVo

As above I completely hate the 360 software am I able to request downgrade back to TiVo software as you can't even undelete a show on this disaster of a software.  accidentally delete a show and its gone forever.   its just software at the end of day...

Coronation Day Pop-up UHD channels

Virgin will be providing 2 pop-up UHD channels on Saturday for Skys Coronation Day coverage.You will find Sky News UHD on channel 607 & channel 136 between 9am & 5pm..These will be available on all V360 & TiVO V6 boxes.

nodrogd by Very Insightful Person
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360 boxes won’t connect to each other

I have two Tivo boxes bother upgraded to 360. I recently had a WiFi problem, which is now fixed, but now my box downstairs won’t play anything recorded on the bedroom box, just says it can’t connect. I have done factory resets on box boxes and reboot...

Paperboy by Up to speed
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Catch Up 4 On-demand only Showing 3 days

I started logging this because every time I checked it seemed VM had just increased the "..hope to fix this by..." date further into the future. I first saw this issue back in March. I started logging "progress" daily from April 11th.From the Vigin M...

__ by Dialled in
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Hi can anyone help, we have 2 V6 boxes and only recently an error seems to be happening whereby we can’t record anything if one of the boxes is turned off. This was never the case before can anyone help with this ?

Recording and app issue

I’ve recently got virgin media and in two months it’s stopped working twice. The first time it wouldn’t let me access my recordings so I rebooted the box and it deleted them all. A month later and I now get “app not accessible” whenever I try to open...

iancoady by Joining in
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