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Dolby Atmos

I’ve just switched from Sky Q to Virgin and am very disappointed to find Dolby Atmos isn’t available on Sky Movies and Sky Sports. Are there any plans to add this in the near future? The box supports Atmos so I don’t understand why BT Sport Ultimate ...

TV Live Channels & Sports Packages

Set up our new Virgin TV 360 yesterday but can't get live TV channels or Sky and BT Sports. We are connected via WiFi. This is the error message:Channel failed - CS2004 - We're currently unable to show this channel. Please check your cables, reboot a...

Re: BBC I player app not loading

It's not working for me, starts ok  then 2 minutes in comes up with an error.The connection light on the Tivo box starts flashing as if there's no internet but the hub is fine and everything else is still online.Only happend with BBC iPlayer, all oth...

Bri_G by Fibre optic
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Resolved! Remote control dead

Hi there, My Virgin 360 remote has stopped working. I have changed the batteries and still no joy. Is it possible to get sent a new one? Thanks.Ash

AshleyM00 by On our wavelength
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Sound cutting out

Hey all. I have sound cutting out every 5 seconds and it's really nippy. Have tried checking updates, resetting sound, switching all cables etc. Has anyone found a solution? 

display that you are updating

Today I assume that the panic in our house was caused by update 4.46 for 360 TV???I'm elsewhere when the TV system is powered up.  We switch it all off at the socket every night.  It normally takes a while to boot up, but this morning it stuck on the...

Roseyhue by On our wavelength
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360 remote not recieved

I renewed my contract last year and was expecting to get the new 360 remote so i could swap but I haven't received anything.  how can i chase this up?  there does't seem to be any option on the website to request the upgrade.

Tv switching off and on

Hi everyone.Since we had virgin installed 3 weeks ago, our TV now switches itself off then on again seconds later. Not all the time, but when it does happen it'll happen every 30 minutes to an hour. There is no pattern to when it happens which makes ...

Four weeks to fix Netflix issue…and counting

Hi all. My Netflix app won’t load. All I get on screen is the Netflix name shrinking to the N and the buffering symbol. All other apps work. I’ve rebooted Box and Router several times, checking all connections, but still no joy.I thought VM would fix...

fithawk1 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Recording for days in advance Newbie

Have just set up the v360 box and mini box. On my previous TiVo box, I found it easy to record programmes for a few days forward. On this 360 box, I have the guide . Above the list of channels and programmes,there is a Q, then today beside it and all...

mtennant by Dialled in
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